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Originally Posted by Ace24
Well personally, looks are a big thing for me.

...and in all honesty, you can get a z-boarded egg that will run the same if not better then that for $30 or so used. Hell I got a Empire Reloader B with a Hybrid Drive cone, speed feed, rip drive, and one of those speed pully systems for $35.

Of course, this means you can probably find one of these used on the market for $20. Even so though. I would much rather have a hopper capable of feeding a consistant 25BPS then one that is most likely going to be feeding around 14BPS if I have to pay $15 more.

Just my two cents.
that doesnt matter to me seeing as i cant walk past ~12
Stock ZAP AMP generator with polished valve assembly

Spyder Victor with a modded CORE derlin bolt, polished striker and polished valve assembly

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