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Default Gearbag Sale before Chicago...

New Stuff:
Proto Mod'd Masks

Blue Frame w/ American Flag Strap - $25 Shipped
Silver Frame w/ Mexican Flag Strap - $25 Shipped

Timmy Parts:

2k2 Frame w/ trigger - $20 Shipped
Trigger Guard - $5 Shipped
2k2 Front Block w/ CP 0-100 Gauge - $20 Shipped
Hybrid Verdkit LPR w/ adapter - $15 Shipped
CP Ram Cap - $7 Shipped
2k2 12pt Harness - $12 Shipped
2k2 14pt Harness - $12 Shipped
2k2 Ram Sleeve - $5 Shipped
Mod'd Ram - $5 Shipped
2k2 Tadao M3 Board - $35 Shipped

Need some more cash and money for my ticket...

LNIB Evil 07 Grey Pants - Xlarge

Price: $45 Shipped

LNIB Evil 07 4+3 Pack

Price: $30 Shipped

Empire 06 Pants

Price: $25 Shipped
*Note: Tear in the left knee

Empire 06 Pack

Price: $20 Shipped
*Note: Quite a bit of wear but still in good condition

LNIB AIM Timmy Body

Price: $45 Shipped
*Note: Only used to test fit parts

SP Micro Maxflow - 4500psi

Price: $50 Shipped
*Note: Needs a burst disc

LNIB Hybrid 07 Pack

Price: $30 Shipped

LNIB Ego Tboard for 05 Framed Egos
Stock Repaired Nexus Ego Board

Price: Tboard: $45 Shipped / Nexus Board: SOLD! / DMT Chip: SOLD!
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