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Default Re: Barrel suggestions anyone???

Originally Posted by bamf-hacker
You could get a Freak kit for your Spyder and have the option to match paint to bore. With that option you could also get different length tips and for speedball and woodsball play.
I picked my freak kits up in pieces...used is the most affordable...spyder backs are generally cheap...$20-$30...Used Tips are $15-$30 and inserts I've seen anywhere from 8 on local shop sells new insert for $12.50.

I started with a back ($20 shipped) Freak Jr. tip ($15 shipped) and 3 inserts (.689, .691 and a .693) I believe I payed about $8 a piece.

Well worth the investment and it shoots darts.

I've upgraded the barrel fronts (just for the look) performance doesn't change. and increased my insert collection. I've done the same thing twice one for myself and one for the wife. I have stainless inserts and she has aluminum...same performance out of both.

Look in the Sales corner...I know someone here has some freak parts for sale and hes and excellent trader.

Here is a link...
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