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Default Re: The team drills thread

Run and gun - you have a target set up on the field. You run from one point to another shooting that target while running. Improves accuracy while moving.

Snap shooting - Best drill for this is you take two bunkers, one person in each and you snap shoot until one person is out. Dynasty does it with only allowing one shot each time you snap, which I like also.

Ball throw and shoot - Sounds like you throw a ball and shoot at it. I'm sure this is to work on shooting at people moving from bunker to bunker. I've heard of people using a soccer ball and rolling it from behind one bunker to another and you have to shoot it while it moves.

Sliding into bunkers - You got it, you practice sliding and the different slides for different situations. When we practiced this we always had to shoot something afterwards, or do something. IE - off the break, run to the corner, slide in and shoot a lane or superman into the snake, then crawl quickly down it.

Posting this made me miss practice and playing on a team...I WANT BACK INTO PAINTBALL
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