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Default Re: Gas Leak Through Barrel

oiling the actual cup seal ? Ok I Will try that in a bit, but here are my findings so far.

Managed to grab a cup seal and pin from my brothers spyder clone, its a bit bigger, it doesnt have a guide (im guessing cuz its already teh size of the inside). Anyway, it did work. I had a few spurting problems at first, but maybe it just needed to break in. (fire, and spurt and recock itself). Anyway, I put in a hard main spring and a medium valve spring in. So here is what happened when I went to fire a few shots.

Using the evII and Brand New ACS Bolt that hasnt been fired on yet.
I fired off I'd say about 60 Balls perfectly in semi mode. Not sure how fast, but im just going to assume 8 bps ( i duno ). It was fine and then poof, one ball chopped inside and I ran out of air at the same time. I dont know if its related, but theres no way for me to check again until i get my tank filled..thats my update if anyone wants to respond.

Would worn out detents cause a chop ?? Im not sure if mine are or not, or if they do wear out. Look fine to me :/

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