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Default MR Spring Kit and Questions

Ok I did a couple searches and was unable to help myself out so I decided to post. I am going to a scenario event where the fps is below 270 so that is what I am trying to achieve. My marker setup is as follows: New Designz Valve, Palmer's Female Stab., ACP Low Blow, and 32 degree spring kit, I have ran a couple cases of paint through my marker and still have yet to see any decent numbers on the chrono, The fps jumps up/down 15 fps. At the time of chrono I had a light striker spring and a med. valve spring, I have read and followed sundraggon LP setup but no decent results, I have switched to a light valve spring but ran out of day light and paint, Does anyone have any suggestions, or tips that would make this process a little better. The output pressure on the Palmer's is about 300psi, any thing below that it doesn't want to re cock when firing fast.
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