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Default I'm going to be a daddy!!!

I just got word that my dealer has planned the birthing of my brand spankin new MR3 for tomorrow. I am so excited. But I don't know what to get the newest addition to my paintball family. This will be my first kingman marker. I am installing a qloader (already use it on my other marker and love it, plus I already have 7 Qpods) and am planning on putting a 16 in barrel in as well. Hopefully if wholesale sports has one in stock a holographic site as well. What else should I get. Are there some things you other MR owners would never go without? Oh and I am running HPA by remote as well. Even if they are just little mods or items you added to your mr to make it run or look better, let me know as I am anxious to be a proud spyder owner.
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