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Default Re: Avoid Ordering from Trinity Paintball

I can't really fault them for their shipping with my issue, as it did ship out the day after I ordered. I simply never received the tracking information, which could easily be attributed to, as my wife called it, the "email Bermuda Triangle." emails get lost sometimes. It happens. However, their response was so totally unexpected and like you described, Voodoo, immature, that I thought it necessary to post this.

I've thought quite a bit about how I handled it, to your point Vike, and there are some things I would have done differently, or said differently, but that's water under the bridge now. I don't think that I'm going to go so far as to take off all the Trinity products that I'm using, as I said, they actually are pretty good pieces, and that just strikes me as beinng immature on my part (plus I can't afford replacing almost $150 worth of parts because of their poor attitude). But, I thought about it.

p.s. Two major issues they really need to work on, besides their service, the main page lists them as accepting PayPal, but in the ordering section there is no option for that, only credit cards; and, two, the shipping confirmation provided a link to track the order, but by following the link, it only gives that the order is complete, with no actual tracking information given. Until they sort out the service, and these other issues, I have to say, find somewhere else to order your paintball stuff.
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