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Default Re: Another blemish to paintball

They made themselves accountable for their own actions, and that is good to hear, and it helps our sport.

They arent going to regulate paintball markers like they do firearms due to the fact that one idiot, (or 2 in this case) do something like this. People kill other people with regular firearms daily, and they do what they must to regulate firearms. If you think of the accidents per paintball markers in the world, the difference would be a million to one, and law officials and legislature know this. I think they should regulate them, to the point of registration, that way when these things happen, they know where to go, but to make them illegal to minors, past criminal offenders, and the such, is too extreme. It doesn't have to go that far, just make it regulation that when you purchase one, you fill out the registration slip at the place of purchase, and the seller sends in the form. I think this would put crimes like this to extremely rare occasions just because the purchaser knows they signed there name to a form that can be tracked.

Anyway, this is just my two cents. Im not trying to get anyone fired up.

I do hope these two are made an example of.
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