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Default Re: Fasta 10.v VS. Halo B w/ rip drive & victory board

Originally Posted by wylde01
IMO empire reloader b. its sound activated and im pretty sure it says it goes around 16-18 bps. i dont think you'll be shooting faster than that.
Reloader B's have a feed rate of 22+BPS. B2's are supposidly 30+ or something close to that.

Halo B's are the same as Reloader B's at 22+. The difference is Halos have eyes, Reloaders are sound activated.

I would go for the Halo w/Rip and Victory Board. They are fast. Fasta's are fast... light... but I think they are ugly. They are not as fast as the Halo B with Victory either. Also there is no rip drive for if your hopper acts up.

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