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Default Re: Making your own lighter microswitch

Great info !!

Took your lead on going into switch, and along the way looked a tad deeper into the switches mechanics ....

The way in which the tension spring attaches to the top of moving contact really pretensions it to go up .... You are bending the top right tab downward slightly to get closer to the bottom right grounding tab, and making the effort to get contact to snap down less. All Good

What I found was if you removed the grounding tab (center of switch) and bend it down very slightly making it snug with case, you can bring the top tap down lower yet making the TOTAL travel of switch from trip to reset much shorter. But keep the spring tension on left tab damn near stock.

This made a VERY crisp switch with SUPER low travel distance to operate. My modified switch when placed on a scale was @55 grams, but even there is still very positive in it's action.

I use it with a custom Delrin trigger thats very light weight. This has not yet been an issue getting rebound trigger activation.

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