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All righty then.....went to a local pro shop that has a couple of speedball fields to test this. The lady there was nice enough to let me use her field and gave me free air as well. Since I don't really like wasting paint, I ended up only using a bag of 500 of some brand that I don't normally use. I was having so much fun with this thing that I ended up only using the Fasta hopper because I ran out of paint so danged fast lol. i ended up with a bunch of players scratching their heads, gawking at me wondering what the hell I was doing ripping on this thing and basically just wasting paint at the targets -

The paint tests were just dandy. I still have a little issue with bounce since I installed this board that I thought was resolved. There's a sweet spot right in the middle of the trigger now and I can easily induce the bounce at that point. I do have the trigger laying very close to the activation point of the switch which I will change out in the future. I upped the bounce to 25ms and even increased the mechanical bounce setting which helped a little. I'm sure all of you know, the lower the bounce setting the higher chance of bounce. I think part of the issue is the newer levered micro-switches. With a little patience I'm sure I can tweek it out -

Far as all the modes and all....WOW! I suspect it's why I had all the gawkers standing around. The VS was totally ripping and all I had the rof at was 17bps. All the modes worked flawlessly. There were some shot inconsistencies but I suppose it may have been to do with my fingering and when the hopper got low on paint. I still liked the #5 auto response mode the best because you have more control of the rof speed. #4 ramp mode was my second fav since you can somewhat control teh zippidy doo dah of throwing litterally tons of paint with little effort at all. I think having the bounce setting so high crippled the semi mode a little. There seemed to be a few hesitations in the rhythm -

I had 1 break out of the 500 balls. Prolly because of using cheap paint since that was in the barrel. I hate cleaning the eyes and after the break looked in the breech and was releived to discover there was no paint at all in there. The break was at the end portion of my J&J ceramic. The eyes did their job just fine -

All in all, this board is staying in my VS and I've certainly not even touched the end result of tweeking it. Having a full spectrum of board controls and teh zippidy doo dah modes gives it a great advantage over the stock board. The pricing is a little high but maybe that'll come down a little once the competition of other board providers is prevalent. You may be cross-eyed when first glancing at the instructions as I was but once you consume them, they're actually quite easy to follow. I give Virtue a for providing Spyder owners with this new electronic board with laser eyes -
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