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Default Re: Smart Parts Trademark

Originally Posted by shunut
Wasn't that the reason you left before, because this forum and some of the members pissed you off and you needed a break. If you can't handle people making "stupid mistakes" maybe you shouldn't have come back.
i left because my grades were suffering... if i left because i couldn't handle people's stupid mistakes, why would i have a name at pbnation?

also: re:bigred
smartparts is wise to trademark ads so they can nail anyone who tries to pull a company dupe like what happens all the time in sales. look at any product that is worth selling, people copy the thing so often to get in on some of the green. kingman had the problem horribly with all the e99 copies and 32* stuff, that one milsim company had another company STEAL THEIR WEBSITE. sp, does this... if anyone messes with them... bam, no dispute.