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Originally Posted by Maxx-Damage
Thats the 1st ive ever heard of that issue, last i remember. Price wise looking at them, it seems to me gettin the Vlocity JR might be the best way to go and eventually gettin the chip for it. 145 for a hopper isnt gonna go to well with the parents either, seeing how im gonna need a +$300 part for my bike.

Also this thread has helped me realize the halo isnt the best, i feel like a noob again.
the only problem with the vl jr. i have is that with guns that don't seal a shot completely, the air burst up the feedneck can cause the balls to jump, even under pressure since the vl jr. is like a select force velocity on low pressure setting. on guns that vent some air upwards, the select force chip is a must.

example: amg (has small upburst) i would have problems keeping a steady stream at times (definately due to the hopper)

ion (near perfect seal, no upburst, you can tell by dry firing in a house) i get good speeds on my vlocity jr. dm6 tends to rip insanely well with it. PMR has small troubles, but not a ton.
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