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Makay, I've been tinkering with all the settings and such. LOTSA FUN!!! Let me just say doing all this is much easier than the looks of this long instructional makes it appear. Getting to the settings is basically the same for all of them. Hold the trigger and turn it on. Watch the crazy lights for a while, then go to the color/adaptation you want to change. Watch what the setting is currently at(count the blinking lights) then change it by pulling the trigger as many times as it takes to your choice. Change it to....whatever, turn the board off then back on to test/see the results of what you've done. Piece of cake -

Most all of these modes eventually end up in full auto. I personally have no use for them but I'm sure all youz tourney guys will lov'em. I had a bit of a bounce issue but that was resolved very easily through the settings. The bounce setting is at 15ms now(funny, it's the same as my Imp bounce setting). I must admit, I'm somewhat liking this auto response mode. It's basically a RT thing. 1 shot per pull and release. I have the pbs set at 17bps same as my Impulse. I have the ramping set at 12bps. Seems any lower for me and it continually goes full auto in the ramping modes. Maybe my fingers both left and right are a lil faster than I thunk't. I'll keep the auto shutdown at 30 minutes. You can time how long before the marker automatically shuts off on its own. My Fasta has the same type of setting. Don't think I'll mess with the coil time setting. That's about the only one I'm not too sure of -

Well! This is one helluva nice change from the mundane stock board lol. It'll prolly take me a couple months of trial and error to get it at exactly where I want it. Not that it would normally take someone that long it's just I like perfecting things to the T. As an example, it took me about 2 months to get my Impulse trigger set perfectly through tinkering and playing. I'm thinking I'll have this whole array of multi-settings memorized much quicker than I initially thought as well -

Next? Part IV......the paint test. Imma be testing it with both my ZEGGO and Fasta hoppers. I'll prolly get a half case of paint and have a ball with all these choices -
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