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Originally Posted by Maxx-Damage
stylinbeaver- Sry if i got on ur nerves, but just in a month id like to know if u still love it.

HDH-So ur saying a Vlocity Jr is better than a Halo B with Rip drive and a V35 board. Im just curious, i just wanna be smart when i buy a new hopper and have to have some good backround info otherwise my dad wont let me blow the $$$$$.
v35 board is garbage... they should rename it the blender board... it thinks it can put tons of pressure on paint and it juggernauts through balls like no other. vlocity has multichip design, w/ the blitz chip you can roll face.

msv- the life of 6 aa's is like 3x longer than 3 9v. plus e2 lihtium-ions dont come in 9v, only aa and aaa. they are amazing. i got a ~5bps increase on a halo with those batteries alone
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