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Well I got bored today and did a 3 9v battery harness. I was curious to see if it would make a difference in battery life so I put it on my marker loaded the hopper full of reballs put it in the pulse mode (which will pull the most current) and laid it down. After 15 minutes of pulsing I shot out the hopper running my angel 1 full auto Max ROF eyes on, and it empty the hopper without missing a beat, reloaded the hopper 2 more times and did it again and the bat-low indicator has still not came on. BTW these are the batteries that have seen at least 2 cases of paint through them already. A little "trimming" is needed to get the 3rd battery to slide in between the case and the ball raceway (about 2 mm on the rib that the power wire comes through).
The 3rd 9v seems to really make a difference. I'll follow up after this weekend, I want to run these batt's while playing to see just how long they'll last.
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