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Default Re: Kingman has some new guns

Truff to TRB.

Really, it seems no one remembers that before a couple years ago, all the Spyders looked alike until the Rodeo came out. It's just within the last two years that the guns looked different, and even then, they all had the same basic body. And still, they all operate the same, so throw a reg on it, add a new valve, add an electric frame for the mechs, etc etc, and you have your own DIY gun....

Although I don't prefer the new body style, I can't see a three page thread of everyone *****ing about how ugly they are now...Like the barron said, Kingman is holding onto the new player market with their guns. Shoot, look at the MR series....can anyone honestly say they don't look like most every scenario style marker out there from a gazillion scenario gun maker?
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