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Default Re: Kingman has some new guns

You guys need to remember that milling, eyes, cool anno, new designs cost more money to make thus driving the price up, kingman makes a lot of their bodies similar so they do not have to retool to mass produce them, they also keep the prices low by doing this, hence Kingman having the Newbie market by the horns. So when they release a new version of an old marker expect only slight cosmetic changes, this keeps the same trend that they have followed for years, and it has been said many times before, if a kingman gun came out to compete with the high end market (a spimmied VS2 for example) it would flop miserably because of the association of the kingman name with low end look at the primal, that was a solid contender for the BKO but it flopped and the BKO did great, mostly because of the kingman name. Why enter into a new market that A. they have little to no experience with, and B. they would only end up failing due to the name associated with the marker and C. they have this market by the balls... I think just about every beginner out there has either shot a spyder at one point in their paintball career, Kingman is making money by not changing their guns much, why should they change it up?
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