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If you want to increase the speed remove the bottom drive motor housing plate and then the green circuit board, you'll see a small adjustable pod on the component side of the board, clockwise increases speed, do it in small increments and don't just max it out becasue if you use really fragile paint it might break a ball when the stack feeds and then goes under pressure. Get the Rf chip, I've got one in both my Up'd Pilot and Angel 1 and it is well worth the money. It works great in pulse mode but it is incredible in sync'd mode. Pay close attention to the feedneck, some (including myself) have had the neck snap clean off at the base. DXS customer service is definitely not what you would expect from a company selling arguably the best and most expense mass production loader out there so I fixed the broke neck myself by drilling holes into the feedneck, installing metal pins and then JB welding in place. Its pretty much bullet-proof now. Hopefully we'll start seeing after-market shells or at least replacement shells available soon.

Congrats on picking up one hell of a loader at a petty good price, I'm sure you'll be happy with it.

p.s. let me know if you want to set it up to run 2 9v's and I'll send you an easy how to.
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