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Default Re: DRAGON's Virtue Experience........

Thx for the info guys. This is the only experience I have w/an aftermarket board besides the ECS in my Imp and that didn't cost me a cent. That bouncebeam and this breakbeam so I suppose I won't need to worry about paint color. ECS took me about a couple hours to remember all the options. I'm thinking this one's gonna take me about a week of tinkering before I get it all memorized hee hee. Think I'm gonna turn the bolt upside down to reserve on propellant while tinkering. I'll most likely not even use all the fancy ramping modes and all but having the bps, dwell, coil timing, anti-mechanical bounce and debounce controls will be nice to super fine tune the VS's performance and function. I can hardly wait to shoot some paint through this thing. My VS was ripping at 225psi with no backpressure. I will try to make a special trip this weekend to my favorite renegade field to waste a ton of paint checking this thing out -
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