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Default Re: DRAGON's Virtue Experience........


Charged it for about an hour last night on my car quick charger and nothing. I'm like oh no, the charging port is screwed up on this thing. Worked just fine w/a regular 9v so I dug an extra 9.6V Java that I have out tonight and it charged up just fine. Seems I left it on the charger too long last time and fried the new VS battery. Well duh me

So I assembled everything tonight and tried the default semi and this thing frikin rips! For some reason when I was testing it w/o the internals, I'd stick my finger in front of the eyes and when I'd shoot it would only do about 5bps with the eyes turned on. I suppose I'll have to change the default settings. I have the trigger set real close to the micro-switch and it was bouncing a little when I had the eyes off, aired up. Since it has a debounce setting, I can take care of that no prob. Too late to tinker any longer tonight. I'll go through the settings and get it right some time in the near future. For now......IT HAS RED LAAAAAAAASSSEERR EYES!!!!!! -

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