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Default Pulse reveiw

After hearing all these good things about the pulse, I decided to pick on up and try it out. I found the exact color I wanted (smoke) for a pretty reasonable price. I payed $112 for it on the nation. I know there is some bad things happening right now with Draxxus and all, but I still had to get one. It's one of the green boarded ones so I geuss you can call it First generation. It is actually lighter than my halo. The pulse also comes stock with some stuf that you have to upgrade on the Halo. It has a magnetic lid, and a small button on the bottom that helps in jam the hopper if it happens to jam. It also comes with a lower profile feedneck so you don't have to cut it. I also really like how the feed housing comes out like it does. So easy to clean. Here are some pics.

Ignore the crotch shot. Best way I could get the pics.

In this last pic you can see the small blue button on the bottom. That is the button that makes the drivecone spin backwards to unjam. Very very awesome. It looks like you could also install a speed wheel on this hopper just like the halo. I really do like this hopper. I do think it is worth the money. If you need certain pics of the hopper, let me know and i'll take them for you. I know this isn't the best review in the world but it's the best I can do. My overall rating for this hopper would have to be a 9 out of 10. Would hvae been a ten, but the drive housing doesn't come out as easy as they make it look.
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