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Originally Posted by Kingman-Rep
Simple, we will be selling Tadao.

Excuse me but we thought the rules were clear when we wrote this

"the basic functioning of the marker remains that of a Spyder."

Interpertation - Do not alter the way in which it operates.

We set limitations to even the playing field as much as possible.
Originally Posted by HelpDeskHustler
Ok, I'll admit that I did not notice the .pdf file containing the full set of rules, but you could have politely linked me to it rather than accusing me of trying to cheat the rules. But I do have one question still, valve is not listed as an upgrade that is allowed... why is that?
got it...

but your explanation here implies valves can be changed, yet you said, if it isn't on the list it isn't allowed, and valves aren't on the list, just to be clear, which is it, because 2/3 of the spyders my team would play with have NDZ valves.
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