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Default Re: Spyder Cup 2007

Seriously, not to be rude here, but its pretty simple, you basically (to avoid any risk of a marker that doesn't qualify) bring a Spyder that is as it was sold from Kingman, or follow the obvious, (which I realize you are saying isnt specific) which is specific enough to use common sense and figure it out, that the ONLY mods are the ones listed in the rules. Your personal mods may be for what you consider your advantage, but for all anyone else knows, you may/may not have had some professional machinist or overly qualified marker genius fix you up. This, would give you an unfair advantage to anyone who is following the rules specified. Yes, they are specified enough for you to figure it out.

Sorry if any of this sounds rude, its just simple truth.

Good luck to you if you do enter.
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