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Originally Posted by HelpDeskHustler
why tadao but not virtue, or tboard?

Kingman-Rep, i don't mean to be a hater, It's just if you run an event you HAVE TO have specifically set boundaries, so people know what they are getting into. i'm not the only one who sees this and has a ton of questions about what are frankly, rather general rules.
for example:
You can say "don't lie" but unless you define what lying is, you can't expect people not to lie under what you believe to be lying with the intention of doing it and getting away with it. I don't want to break any rules. I want to obey them... but first i need to KNOW them.
The Tadao board to my understanding is a Kingman/Tadao combined project. So the "tadao" and stock kingman boards according to kingman will make it easier for their techs to approve your marker for spyder cup play.

It's a fairly simple and fair ruling considering the number of available boards and on top of that different versions of doesn't work to some of our benefits but thats life.

Now wether or not they look at your valves and such and ruling the same way is a different story...maybe aftermarket blowback valves will be legal?

That is for Kingman to decide.
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