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Originally Posted by HelpDeskHustler
I'm not fishing for loophole rules, I'm looking to see if i can use a pneumatic ram to operate the sear rather than a large power-hungry electro magnet that only runs on RECHARGEABLE 9.6 volt batteries. It's a pet peeve of mine. I'd like to be able to use the rather common 9v battery, plus i was looking for a morlock board project. Technically I would classify it as an upgrade electronics board, officials at Kingman might not, hence the question. The blowback design isn't a bad design, I just wish to smooth out some wrinkles that rub me the wrong way, not actual operation that causes the ball to fire.
So nice that by posting that you seem to agree with exaxctly what Kingrep mentioned. You're looking for an edge and they're saying no one will have an edge. Regular stacked tube blowbacks and that's it. Makes perfect sense to me. Then you might have to rely on skill if everything is equaled -
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