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Default Re: Better Sniping 101.

Know your team's plan, but resolve not to charge off with their masses. Thundering groups attract attention. When you deploy, do so in a sniper team of no more then three-or alone. Take a parallel course, following several dozen yards to the side, if you plan to assist them in executing a mission. For regular games, this usually means taking a tapeline. Otherwise, strike off to your ambush position and wait-patience will pay off in scenario games. For shorter, timed games, you'll want to ghost your team, and then tear into your opponents from side angles. When possible, let the other team walk past you... the skirmish line is usually defined as a roughly straight line between the forward-most players on a team. Those players are frequently unconcerned about what goes on behind them, as logically, it's just their teammates advancing and retreating... so once they slip past you, their guard is down. Sniper teams can thus blow sections of the skirmish line wide open by waiting until their opponents are several yards ahead, with none behind them. When you engage, your opponents will be totally exposed to you shooting them from behind, and in trying to take cover from you, will likely get shot by your teammates in front of them. This wreaks holy havoc in recball games, and is great for taking out squads in scenario as well.

Commanders are your ideal targets; failing that, players who seam to be in leadership role. Many scenarios award points for shooting commanders; even when they have no point value, taking out their command structure disrupts their ability to run missions, and messes with thier overall organization. In revball, taking out the 'star' and the 'hotshot' players will leave the rest of the team fearful, slightly disorganized, and demoralized... giving your team a tactical advantage. Otherwise, snipers are great at taking outlone players wandering through the forest... but this should always be done with caution, as you must move after any engagement lest that player come back for you or send his buddies to hunt you down.

Attack them from the rear; attack them from the side; shoot for parts of the body where they'll feel your hit, and where it'll likely break rather than bounce. Only use one paintball at first-they will be able to figure out where you're hiding if you you rattle off a string. Choose your targets carefully-if you can't get all thirty, then focus on the most important seeming one of them. Shooting three or four players will compromise your position in a heartbeat... but using one ball to hit one player will unnerve them without giving away your position. Wait a few minutes, and hit someone else.

When you've done the most damage you can to their ranks, pause for a minute (so they get distracted and stop looking for you-at least, in the right place) and then retreat. Fall back to a secure location where they won't be able to find you, such as under a fallen tree on the backside of the hill you shot down from atop.

If you move along a ridge, or through a creek, plot your withdrawal to take you past more ambush points, and take a few more of them out while you're at it! You should always be moving tward either a better vantage point, or a more secure location to reload and plan your next move. Never lose sight of your goal, and try to walk that thin line between patience and wasting time.

Snipers are hidden threats... and paintball players generally lack the fine discipline to fully investigate a threat before dealing with it. Thus, if you move, expect to get shot by anyone who sees you, regardless of what team they're on. Further, when you operate behind enemy lines, expect to take paint from your own team. Much of it will be stra ypaint from the skirmish, but should you be spotted by your team, they will most likely assume that you're an opponent by virtue of being among them.

Thus, stealth is of paramount importance-hide from your own team as well as theirs, lest you get shot now and answer questions later.

Paintball snipers exist; but we're just as glad if people don't acknowlege us... it helps us better take them by suprise. When you have the patience, the discipline, and the gear to be a sniper, give it a try-undetected behind enemy lines, you'll see things you never expected... and shoot players who never expected you.

  • Dark colored marker
  • Dark colored goggles
  • Smaller hopper
  • Optical sight
  • 50 or 100 round pods
  • Squeegee
  • Camo
  • Ghillie Suit
  • Radio
  • Throat mic
  • Ear buds
  • Kneepads
  • Bug spray

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