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Arrow Better Sniping 101.

Wanna bet there's no such thing as a paintball sniper? Stand over there...
By: James Dawson / Photography by: Jean-Noel Pechi
Article from: FAC3FULL JUNGLE Issue 4, May 2007, The Sniper Issue. Pages 44-47

This is for snipers; snipers who want to do a better job of shooting specific players, lots of players, and lots of specific players.

When you don't know the field, find a map. A topographical map of the area is ideal if you're hardcore. You're looking for your team's starting point, the other teams' starting points, and where stated objectives-or ones you think will be important at some point-are located. Also look for marked trails... and never take them. These are routes you can ambush, set traps upon, and the like.

Find creeks that might have dry banks, ditches, valleys, and steep ridges. having limited time, energy, and lacking the "I could die..." fear soldiers have, paintball players usually take the paths of least resistance and only perfunctorily check out the thick stuff. This is where you want to hide... and ditches and creeks are your superhighways across the field. Marked sections that are unlabelled on the game map-such as a village that is seemingly ignored are good bets for special mission objectives and the locations of hidden props. Plot approaches to them, figuring that at some point your opponents are going to come poking around there. Also plot your tactical withdrawals from each position-after taking out your target, you'll need to move, lest you be compromised and shot mercilessly. Also, your targets will have the annoying tendency to move once you take one of them out. PPlot withdrawl paths so that you move through additional ambush points and places with vantages on where your opponents will likely go next.

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