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Default Re: Kingman has some new guns

Originally Posted by Kenny_McCormic
wtf they droppped the rear cocking, gas thru grip, drop forward, and the lpc on the victor added extra parts to lose(cocking pin) and they want $20 extra for it compared to the vic 2. the only thing they did right is the derlin bolt and they didnt even use an acs bolt. its probably got the star thing in it too i can get a derlin bolt with the star thing for $10 shipped.
They got rid of rear cocking because no one wants it anymore. Before, rear cocking spyders was tight, but as it progressed, more and more people began to make their spyders top cocking to mimic the Intimidator, and also because they no longer had to worry about getting smacked in the face or being forced to use a beavertail. Much the same, the Vizion cocking system that they used on the Victors, Imagines, and Espirits were a hassle, and a lot of people didn't like them becuase it could be hard to get their fingers in the slot.

Needless to say, they look ugly.
Good times, good times.