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Default Kingman has some new guns
This is the new xtra:
tp://;sid=bSy3Fpr8Nc-2C9zL4Q93vpA1ZV3TTBtNbvk=?ProductID=Ng3AqArbWqAAAA ESz0qodC%2eJ

This is the vs1 i have heard about.;sid=tockgj8bhNwlinlZ0EfkKjXPPpOMSj_FWZU=?Pro ductID=KnDAqArbw1MAAAESvkK%2eVk5X#
It also comes in olive. Just go around in actionvillage to find it. Out of my personal opinion kingman is not advancing in their technology of their guns. Like the new MR accesories they're just taking parts from their other guns and combinizes them. I own a vs2 and a mr1 and i have to say iam very dissapointed in kingman's new products. Instead of upgrading they're downgrading. I wonder whats the emr1 going to be.
Oh ya a question how come my link and text has a long cut off line?

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