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Default Gas Leak Through Barrel

Alright, im hoping since this is such a big leak, that its easy to fix. Crossing Fingers. Here it is. I screw in the tank, air leaks straight through the barrel and out she goes. When I first screw it in, it (gas) stays in (when I cock the bolt). Once I fire once, it just leaks right through. What I did so far, was change the spring, thinking that it may be damaged, but still the same thing. So is it something big like the valve? or simple like the cup seal or valve pin. wish I had a camera to show u guys how it looks but if i had to describe it...the spring(s) dont fit tightly on the cup seal, it just falls off. so maybe the cup seal?(although they dont sit nicely on the other cup seal either..hrmm) the pin has tiny scratches on the side starting near the flat side, but on the round part. I thought that was odd, until i took out my brother's spyder and his pin has the same scratches so maybe thats normal..Anyway if any of this makes sense, help me out :")
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