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Originally Posted by Barricuda NEVER give up my Bug gun. at best, id trade with some cash for an MR3, but i think i want a tippy for a "back up gun" for when my bug goes down (lets face it...i dont care what gun or its makers...guns go down..thats life). battle buddys keep tryin to borrow ill have a tippy to give em insted of my bug.

on a side note...the kingman place in baldwin park was nice. they had this HUGE RED semi truck decked out with the spider logo...that sucker was NICE! and the chick at the desk was hot. she was sporting spider gear ( i didnt know they had a clothing line). she had on these tight strech pants with the word "spider" on her but..i wanted to bite her...maby when i go back to pick up my gun ill take some pics...
yea i have a Xtra, 98c and MR1 as back ups/loaners.......but no matter all the problems ive had with MR2, i love it way too much to get rid of it...i think its the look of it...

on your side note....thats friggin probably want to bite her as well LOL
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