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Default Re: zomg bobby sues teh NPS!

Originally Posted by Critical
I suppose all those who hate Smart Parts have someone new to hate now. I say, good for BLAST for holding their distributers accountable.
people who hate smart parts don't have any idea what they are talking about.
and i garuntee people won't make a new "hate the suers" boat... because frankly, people liked who was getting sued in smartparts suit... this time... no1 likes them.

Smart Parts had every right to sue. Whether or not they deserved to have royalties paid on patents is debatable, but legally they were entitled to it, because a court of law ruled that. If you don't like it, blame your law system.

KEE violated rights that were previously shown as belonging to Smart parts so there is absolutely no question to whether or not royalties should be paid, since it is based on precedence, some defiance against smart parts could be understandable in the suing of agd etc, but with KEE there should have been no question. also KEE/NPS are *******s, and *******s stink.

Bob long and Procaps BOTH have outstanding contract issues with NPS and I'm glad Bob sued before he got legally crippled like dxs has... i hope this commotion will give DXS some time to formulate its suit for outstanding contract fees and ****slap them with some 200k+ suit.

NPS just became procaps, blast, and smartpart's ***** and it's about time imo.

they've done nothing but push smaller companies around and push boundaries of companies they knew wouldn't sue.

if bob said he needed more onyx's to sell to stay in the business, i would buy one for 1.5x its msrp if it wouldn't set me back like it would now (since im just in a teenagers job)
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