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Default zomg bobby sues teh NPS!

Originally Posted by dale ford
It would appear that Bob Long and his company, Bob Long Action Sports Technologies are suing Gino Postorivo, NPS, PBS Holdings, Inc. and AJ Holdings, LLC.

A scan of federal court records indicates that case #: 3:07-cv-01547-CRB was filed March 19th, 2007 in the Northern California Federal District Courts. At this time the complaint itself isn't available on PACER, but a hearing notice has been issued in the case. While the specifics aren't available, the documents indicate that Long and BLAST are suing over a contract dispute. The lawsuit indicates a possible reason why BLAST products are now being distributed by Archon Paintball, rather than NPS as they had been for several years.

As the details become available they'll be reported here. Represenatives for both BLAST and NPS have been contacted for comment.


We recieved a request from Mr. Long today requesting a phone coversation and in due course we spoke with Mr. Long regarding the pending lawsuit. He alleges that NPS and the associated companies involved owe him invoices totalling "Around $400,000". He also alleges that he's been owed this amount for over a year and half.

Mr. Long said that he'd have his daughter scan and email the original complaint in the matter so as to provide more information. The Federal Court Reporting system doesn't currently have the original complaint available.

Represenatives from NPS have responded as well, asking what precisely case #: 3:07-cv-01547-CRB was and that if we could provide specific information as to who the case involved, they may be able to comment.
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