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Default Re: Vike's Proto Rail Review

No, I really don't think the LPR (or lack thereof) affects that in this gun at all - remember, it only has 150 psi going through it! Spyders have 850 psi and paint doesn't explode, so I think it's just the paint I was using. Lots of other people use this gun and report no chops or "exploding" paint. And since I switched the paint I was using and went to a larger bore barrel, I've had no issues with it either.

In my opinion, the LPR is a convenient excuse right now for people to cut down the PMR as an "Ion" type gun. With the way the boost forward design works and the way I understand it, the pressure on the paint is barely more than if you had to fine tune an LPR, without the hassle of messing with the LPR.
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