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Default Re: Vike's Proto Rail Review

I think of the Boost Forward Technology like the Level 10 bolt in the mag series of guns. The bolt cycle starts out somewhat slowly, but by the end of it's cycle it's a full force.

The solenoid is capped at 30 bps, and I do know for sure that it's capable of reachinig 26 bps without breaks or chops (with a properly sized barrel) without shootdown - I've seen a video that's floating around that shows that. There's another one where the owner lowered the dwell and shot 30 bps (with a pulse loader and RF chip, eyes off) but had a few blown up balls. I don't think the gun is handicapped at all by the BFT, at least in my opinion, of course!

I would also like to see a BFT bolt compared to a regular bolt video, but alas, my camera is barely digital let alone High Speed! Maybe it would quiet all the people saying the gun just CAN'T be any good without an LPR. Personally, I like the idea of not having to twiddle with an LPR - just one less thing to mess with on a gun.
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