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Default Re: Paintball Terminology - A wifes disliking

Barron and I share a common ideal. "You get what you give" when it comes to respect. That goes for the paintball field, as my neighbor or as an inmate at the prison. I can be a person's best friend, or their worst depends on THEM. Now, having said that:

My language is some of the most foul of sewage there is....and that's only if Jess (daughter) didn't do the dishes...

I don't know strikefirst at all, nor do I know his mannerisms - but I'd think it's just a case where "strikefirst's" wife is being hypersensitive to certain words or phrases...especially around the child. NOT that it's a bad thing, young children shouldn't have to hear that kind of stuff...

At the same time...wait until the child gets to school and starts learning new and colorful words from the other kids......that's going to give her an aneurysm
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