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Default Re: My experiences with vs2 and how to fix everything so far

The air leaking down the barrel is not in the list.

--The reason (at least for me) is that my balance valve was not soo balance. It couldn't move fully to the "closed" position to stop the air flow through the barrel.

This is very simple to fix. I took apart everything and took out the valve. I noticed the valve pin didnt move very well even though it was covered oil lube from the factory. So I cleaned off all the oil/lube that was on it and reapplied oil/lube to it. Make sure to get some inside the valve because there are a few small o-rings in side or take it apart and lube them directly(probably not needed). After it was lubed/oiled the valve seemed more smother in its movement. Put everything back together and all was well.

I shot a few times and it seemed to be working. Couldnt try it more because my dog was freaking out cause i was firing inside (Also not recommended =P ).

NOTE: I cant wait to get out and actually shoot over a crono because from dryfireing and playing around in the back yard everything runs pretty smooth at about 225psi. I just have no idea what my fps. =P
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