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Default Re: Paintball Terminology - A wifes disliking

Originally Posted by TheRedBarron
I learned respect, I was not taught it, I respect other ballers on the feild when playing, albeit, if I do not get respect I do not give respect. It may be the city boy in me, but if someone is acting like an asshat on the feild to me or my team, I am going to do it back, only classier and with humor. If you just sit back and take it you are not bettering the sport, you are showing those kids that they can do it without any retaliation, so they will do it more often. The same goes for wiping, and playing on. IMHO. Maybe it is a mix of the tourny baller and the city boy in me I dont know but that is the way I see it, I also fire my team up and what seems to do it the best is similiar to that of Dynastys pregame speaches.
The country boy in me was taught about respect even if it meant a boot in my butt (which happened on several occassions from my grandfather!) I was also taught that you don't have to respect those who don't respect you. Cheating of any kind doesn't cut it, and asshattedness (new word!) better not be allowed to be let go.

My grandad has a family rule IF someone ELSE starts it, YOU finish it...of course that comes in verying degrees and requires the use of common sense and doesn't mean you go around portraying the role of "barney bad butt" (that would earn you another boot in the butt).

I hate cheaters...if you're're a man and for god sakes don't be a tit baby!
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