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Default Re: Paintball Terminology - A wifes disliking

Well, I'm very outspoken on how the sport should be perceived by those not actually playing it, so I find any reference to gangster'isms and paintball inappropriate - not offensive, but totally unnecessary.

Contract killers (I don't care if Hybrid has it or not), straight killers, mowin' *****es, shooting someone in the face, etc. IMHO are all unnecessary and actually do more harm in the eyes of the public than good. Face it, we're the new sport on the block, and as such, we have a lot to prove to the world if we want to be taken seriously. How do you expect to be taken seriously if you act like that? That being said, you can't go all thug and be respected.

Most people at my field know that when my kids are out there, they better watch themselves. Of couse, most kids cool down when I'm out there anyways due to my position in the school and they don't feel appropriate. However, there's this one kid who's taken to calling me "Bryce" and it's rubbing me wrong right now (he's an 8th grader...)
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