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Default Re: HPA question

Wouldn't work as no one reads stickies anyways. Stickies are way overrated...

The immediate loss of 500 psi could be due to the "hot fill" that was mentioned. The proper way to fill an HPA tank is to take your time and fill it slowly. The best thing there is to insist on a full fill when you get air - otherwise, they're just taking your money.

Now, the loss to 2000 psi after 5 days would indicate a small leak somewhere. I would definitely locate this leak and figure out how to fix it. Since it doesn't go below 2000 psi, that would indicate to me that it could be an oring getting pushed out of place at higher pressure. Or, you may just have a tiny leak which will turn into a bigger leak over time. Either way, you need to locate it and fix it before it gets serious.
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