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i helped a friend out of a bind with ebay he put some reserve thing on 2 guns thinking he would only get one gun but no. he has no luck wat so ever but he got both guns. a psychobalistics lightning autococker. and a 2004 BKO. he asked me wich one ide like to have and ive always wanted an autococker (I know that the psychobalistcis autococker isn't a worrgames autococker)but he says he got it for $120 so i bought it. its one of those that doesn't have a reg or bottom line but i have a drop and ASA for it that will look perfecet. but i need to know what the input pressure has to be so i can find a reg for it.oh yah like i was just wondering its not electric so could i use CO2 on it though i have a compreesed air tank. is it possible to use CO2 on it? thx for all your help.