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Question HPA - Spyder & Epiphany

Ok, so I ordered a Smart Parts Epiphany. However, I also plan to keep my Spyder Pilot. Its a great gun and I have put alot of time and money into it.

Anyways, I want HPA and need it for the Epiphany. I am confused on what to do though. How do these HPA tanks regulate? If I get a high output tank (850psi I think) I know I can use it on the Spyder* (my operating psi on it is 800) but what about the Epiphany? When I put it on the Epiphany can I regulate the HPA tank down or will the stock regulator on the Epiphany do it for me? Or do I need a Low Output for the Epiphany?

Thanks guys! I hope I am asking clear enough for you to understand what answer I am looking for. I would just like to go HPA on all my guns but have 2 that operate at 2 different PSI levels.

* I know using Co2 with my Spyder that my Palmer Pursuit regulator can adjust to whatever PSI I want it to.
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