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Default secret personal drills and workouts you use for paintball

ok guys some of us have our own little workouts and drills we do to sharpen our paintballin skills that some people may not know about. so post up things you do to keep in shape and work on gunning or snapping skills. not like shooting drills most people know about but things some of us do INSIDE the house, sometimes just because your bored. some may seem embarassing and your family members walk in and there like .... you wierdo! you know how it is guys so post em up.

heres one for me, i wanted to work on running fast as well as my stamina and running and shooting skills this winter but... well it was cold outside here in michigan soooo. i broke out the old tredmill in the computer room, heres what id do:
first id put on obscure influence on the computer so i had somthin to watch and listen to while a ran. second i put on my pod pack and filled it with FULL pods and i threw on some gloves and got my paintball marker. then i would run for 5 mins with my gun up workin on shooting and keeping a stable shooting platform while learning to independantly use my upper body and legs. while i did this i would switch hands back and forth shooting sides ways and infront of me. then after 5 mins of that i would turn up the speed a bit and i would do a faster run 10 mins while alternating holding my marker in my left hand and my right hand so i would get used to running full speed with my pod pack and marker. then after 10 mins od that i would slow it down and do 5 more mins of the shooting one and after five mins id do a 5 min cool downlike jog/ walk. basically after the first night of this i was DEAD! but ive been doing it like 3 times a week and im starting to be able to do it without getting out of breath or getting too tired. you guys should try it it makes you so much faster. so now its alot easier to sprint with all my gear on and handle my marker.

ok so anyone got any little workouts/drills like this?

my mom walked in while i was doing the tread mill thing and she just shook her head and walked out. lol!
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