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Default Re: Reedoc's Review of the ETek Ego

More -

Once i got to my field (reball only) i quickly showed my friends the beauty, then headed for the chrono. The field's limit is 240 >< (I had it at about 280 before) so i had to do a bit of turning the regulator to get it down. Usually you'll have to turn up the velocity for reballs, but I had it so high from messing around with paint. I grabbed a pen and paper when it was at about the right fps. " 239, 241, 235, 240, 239 " is what it read after 5 shots. Pretty darn good if you ask me.

Now excited to play i put a little more lube on my rammer (reballs usually need more) and headed out to the field. From the break, I'm not going to say that i was "ripping noobs" because that would be a lie. I actually got shot out trying to hit the snake off the break. Oh well.

But, the NEXT game. I got 4 guys out in a team of 10. Maybe not the greatest, but i felt mighty proud. I was commented a couple times for my abilities to lay down some sick cover, but not for ripping people up.

The reballs were just as accurate as the paintballs, but require a tad more velocity then paintballs that are required to go 240 fps.

Still loving it, will try to get a video.
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