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Default Re: Reedoc's Review of the ETek Ego

Now for the good stuff.

Electronics : Very user friendly, and easy to remember. The manual is absolutely fabulous.

Looks : You've seen it, sex.

Shooting : Now, this is the part that matters. I screwed my tank in, put my hopper on, filled the hopper, and went outside. I turned the asa all the way on, there was a slight his after the bolt quickly got into place. After turning the asa a little out, the hiss stopped. ((the hiss is fixed after a shot)) At first i had uncapped semi on, THE TRIGGER IS AMAZING FOR ME. Very easy to get a steady bps going. Brand new so the reg needs to be a bit more broken in. For the most part ...ball on ball on ball....eek....ball on ball ect. (Board was about 60 feet away)

Next was ramping. I had it at 15 bps, just for kicks. Well actually NO KICK )))))))) Anyways, just like semi, beautiful work of art

The eyes work well, no chops, there was a jam and all i heard was noid clicking. At first i was like wtf gun, then i was like GOOD JOB EYES!

This is all i have for now, cleaning is easy....nice lube of the rammer/ cleaning of the bolt. After a few times of play I will lube the reg.

So far i love it, ill post more when i try it out with reballs/play games.
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