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Default Re: Review of the V-Force Grill...

Originally Posted by vikingshadow
Good pictures!

hmmmm, so if I'm seeing this correctly, the only size difference is that the mouth goes more forward on the profiler and it's a bit rounder than the grill. Also, the lower back of the profiler is much shorter than the grill. It also appears that the viewing area on the profiler is MUCH bigger than the grill though, correct?

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I think that's because they're sitting on a table, so the Profile looks like it's the same height. But Grillz are actually shorter, and they both poke out about the same amount. If you look, you can see that the Profiler is angled back a lot more than the Grill, mainly because the bottom side of it is steeper than the grill, so when you lay it down on that it's angled back, so you get the same height, more or less. You get the idea.
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