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Default Re: Review of the V-Force Grill...

Nice review! That's what I was looking for from these goggles. Very nice pictures - had the company used those, I'd have been less apt to call them ugly earlier this year! I still don't care for the looks that much, but you're making them look a bit better to me.

I notice you said that the peripheral vision isn't as good as your profilers - any particular reason why? Is the viewing area smaller? Compared to your profilers, how do they compare size-wise, weight-wise and overall? I don't have a store that close to me, and during the school year, I won't make it to a store until around April or May (Baseball season starts, so we go down to watch the Redhawks play....) so I don't have a chance to compare them myself.

I still would like to see them side by side with profilers so I'll still reserve judgment on them for myself.

Again, good review, as always!
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