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Default Review of the V-Force Grill...

So I needed more goggles, OK who am I kidding, I wanted new goggles. I got a pair of V-Force Grills and figured why not review them.

I got the box and in typical V-Force style the box is well made and protects the goggles. In the box comes, the goggles, visor, chin strap and a carry bag.

Grill in the box

Upon first looks the mask is well made and they even went as far as covering the V-Force logos with a clear film to protect them. The lenses were scratch free and crystal clear. The instructions are well laid out.

To install the visor there are 3 tabs that you push through the goggle foam frame and secure it with o-rings. The instructions suggest you remove the foam frame first to make it easier to install. I had no issues doing it with out taking the foam out.

Goggle Without the visor

Goggle With the visor

To remove the lense you need to take off the strap clips. They come out easy. Once the clip is out you remove the outside clips and they are well labeled with Right and Left. That makes sure you put them on the right side for re-assembly. Once the clips are out you just slide the lense out. Take all of about a minute to do.

Goggle Strap

Goggle Clips

Once the lense is off you can get to the locks for removing the foam frame. It is a nice feature especially for those of us that sweat a lot. The instructions show using a coin to twist the locks, but I used the outside clip to twist it. Once the lock is spun to the unlock position the foam comes right out. When it is time to re-install the foam and the lense, V-Force added a few tabs that make sure everything goes back in the right place. It goes back together just as easy and fast as it all comes apart.

Foam Locks

All the Goggle parts removed

The Grill also introduces a chin strap for those that get squirly when they play. There are two plastic loops on the face mask and the chin strap attaches with snaps. That makes it easy to remove if you don't want to use it.

Chin Strap

The included goggle bag is HUGE and in my opinion is a place V-Force can improve. It is made of light cloth and really does nothing more than keep the goggles clean. It is the same bag that comes with the Profilers.

Goggle Bag

I did a few of my own tests on the goggles and was pleasantly surprised.

First I put them on and wore them around the house for quite some time. They are extremely comfortable. No pulling on my head or squeezing feeling. I was able to see very well and the peripheral vision was good. Not as good as on my Profilers, but still very acceptable.

Next was the fog test. I got the shower going good and hot and made lots of steam. The goggles stayed in the room with me while I showered and I took my time. After about 20 min no signs of fog. All the mirrors in the room were fogged though. Once I was done with the shower, I put the goggles on and stayed in the steamy room with the same result zero fog. V-Force's anti fog coating works great.

Over all these are great goggles. If you need new goggles check them out. I wouldn't say to get them if you already have Profilers, but if you sweat a lot these are great. Keep an extra foam frame in your bag and swap them out in less than a minute in between rounds.

Coming soon will be pics of all my goggles side by side, I am trying to get a hold of a manikin head.
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